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About horses and men, or how to co-exist safely.

An obligatory reading for employees and customers of Wroclaw Partynice Racecourse.

Horses can be unpredictable and behave in ways that we cannot foresee.

Anyone who deals with horses has to take into account that these animals who are friendly by nature can cause surprise. Anyone who professionally deals with horses is well-aware of this. In an extreme situation a man is not able to control an animal that is many times stronger than him.

On the other hand, horses are our fantastic social partners that give joy from this relationship with them and the different manners of their use. This positive aspect corresponds to the majority of our experience with horses.

Horses have accompanied mankind for thousands of years and they built civilisation up to the Industrial Age. From the moment of their domestication, people have taken responsibility for them. Contemporary horses are completely different from their wild predecessors, as they can co-operate with humans.

But they are also demanding. They require physical fitness, mental stability, balance and skilful help from their riders. Anyone who wants to stay with them, work, play, and use their qualities must be aware of this.

Horses are fleeing animals. It was the animal world that hunted them down, they did not chase anybody, they always saved themselves either by escaping or by fighting with their hooves and teeth. They use such defensive techniques even today. One must be aware of that.

Our modern horses live in the human world full of cars, planes, mowers and all the hustle and bustle of civilisation. It is also their world. It is the world that we both share. They understand this perfectly.

We have to remain natural in this world. We cannot be too careful with horses, behave in an artificial manner, or behave differently than usual, because we will arouse anxiety in them. People have to be themselves, laugh loudly, gesticulate, sneeze and applaud. Horses do understand that. They are not afraid of the sound of a shovel suddenly hitting against a wheelbarrow, because they know these sounds all too well from the stable from birth, it is the music of their life. But in a situation of discomfort – or a super mood – either mental or physical, caused by various issues, they can use this sound as a reason to throw off the rider. Therefore, anyone who gets on a horse must take this into account.

All of our customers who take their riding lessons at the Advanced Riding School, whether they are riding in person or enrolling their children for lessons, must be aware that one may fall off a horse. There is no rider who has not experienced a fall, as there is no cyclist who has not fallen off a bicycle or no skier who has not experienced painful contact with the mountain. Usually the falls are harmless, but they may also end in a tragic way. When deciding to ride horses, one should be aware of that. Horse riding belongs to the category of high-risk sports.

On the Wrocław – Partynice Horse Racecourse there are procedures in force which regulate particular tasks performed within the grounds of this budgetary unit. All employees receive instructions related to the behaviour required when working with horses. However, we were not able to foresee all the circumstances of non-standard horse behaviour when developing these procedures.

Instructors and trainers at the Wrocław – Partynice Horse Racecourse, both full-time and employed on another basis, are directly responsible for the safety of persons in their charge, which means that they must follow the procedures in force and, based on their knowledge and experience, anticipate adverse events.

The employees of the Wrocław – Partynice Horse Racecourse are required to follow the procedures contained in OHS regulations.

Racing stable trainers, as independent entities, regulate their relations with the people they employ independently, however, they are obliged to comply with the safety procedures of the Wrocław – Partynice Horse Racecourse.

Guests and customers are informed about how they are to behave on the track by special signs, plates and regulations.

Each customer of the Wrocław – Partynice Horse Racecourse, both taking riding lessons and renting a horse box, as well as any trainer (including the racing ones) and instructors operating on the track, are obliged to read this document.

Jerzy Sawka
The Director of the Wrocław- Partynice Horse Racecourse

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