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The area in front of the tribune

The extremely picturesque area between the stands and the racetrack, with a total area of ​​12,000 m2, is an ideal place for the organization of large company picnics. This is a very well electrified space, which allows the free setting of many energy-consuming devices, such as: catering stands, event attractions or a stage with sound system. The rental price includes access to utilities and sanitary facilities – 20 men’s and women’s toilets, including 2 for the disabled and 2 changing tables in the lobby under the main stand.
Additionally, there is a possibility of organizing a show race or, in the case of children participating in the event, pony rides.
The complete separation from the big city noise and the immediate vicinity of the horse racing track make the space rented from the stands the most willingly rented place on Partynice.