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Free entry

This coming Sunday, June 9, we invite you to Partynice from 10:00 - then the Olympic Picnic and the Neighboring Party of Krzyki-Partynice will begin, and from 2:15 pm, we invite you to the races.

On this day there will be 6 races at flat distances.



Student Run - Young Riders' Cup under the patronage of the WTWK Director - Partynice Race for 3-year-old horses of the only third group. (1600 m)


The international exterior race * for 3-year-old Arabian mares of the second group. (1600 m)


The race for 4-year-old and older horses of the III group (1,400 m)


The race for 3-year-old Arabian horses of the II national breeding group entered in the Polish Arabian Horse Stud Book (PASB). (1907 m)


Race for 3-year-old horses of the III group. (1907 m)


Student Run - Young Rider Cup under the patronage of the WTWK Director - Partytice Gonitwa for 4-year-old and older horses of the III group only. (1907 m)


PARKING – we invite you to use the free parking lot located next to the racetrack (300 parking spaces)

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In addition, at 10:00 – 16:00 will be held:
IX Olympic Picnic of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia and the Neighboring Festival Krzyki-Partynice.

In program:
10.00 – opening of the Picnic: Renata Mauer-Różańska, Mieczysław Łopatka
10.15 – start to the Trail of the Horse run (Wrocław Biegiast Piast Club)
12.00 – Decoration of run of the Trail of the Horse
12.30-13.30 – guests welcome, presentation of the Olympians and Paralympians

Off the stage, at 10.00-16.00, free attractions:
– laser shooting range – WKS Śląsk Wrocław, shooting section
– family recreational garden – Youth Sports Center
– boules – Regional Society for the Promotion of Physical Culture in Lower Silesia,
– floorball, korfball, badminton, board game, mini recreational obstacle course. School Sports Association
– taekwondo – Polish Taekwon-Do Association (10.00-14.00)
– inflatable castles (11.00-15.00) free, after 15.00 according to the price list
– 9D cinema
– gyroscope – car rollover simulator
– pony rides – WTWK Partynice
Accompanying events:
Horse Track Run – Wroclaw Runner Club Piast (start at 10.15)
Festival of School Sports – active presentation of schools with sports departments, relaxation zone – (Academy of Talents and Capacities at the Wrocław Center for Social Development) (between 12:00 and 14:00).
“Sąsiedzące Krzyki” Party – Partynice – Osiedle Krzyki – Partynice Council (10.00-17.00).
Horse Racing – Wrocław Racecourse Race Track Partynice (14.00-18.00).
Festival of School Sports at the 9th Olympic Picnic

Program of accompanying events:
– performances on the main stage of children from schools and kindergartens from our housing estate
– Buggygym prams racing with prizes led by Ewa Grajewska
– vegan kitchen workshops
– bread baking workshops
– architectural workshops for children
– art workshops for children – painting wooden birds
– stand no. 54 of the Municipal Public Library and reading tales
– police stand – marking of bicycles
– Ekostrazja stand
– dog Barber
– specialist doctors’ advice
– hearing test in the listenbus
– animation zone of the Bruek Theater – juggling shows and art workshop
– family races with a Zorb ball
– climbing wall
– stand of the Osiedle Krzyki-Partynice Council and refreshments

How to get

By public transport

By bike

By car

By bus

From the Main Railway Station: bus 113 (stop: Karkonoska Partynice)
From the City Centre (PL. JANA PAWŁA II): bus 127 and 144 (stop: Zwycięska)

By tram

2, 6, 7 and 17 to the Krzyki loop, change there at buses 127 and 144  (stop: Zwycięska) or 113 (stop: Karkonoska Partynice)

We recommend using the application: and google maps.

By bike

If you come to us with bicycles – yes, we provide bike racks.

By car

If you decide to come to us by car, you can leave the car in the parking lot at Zwycięska street (it is a WTWK Partynice car park) – please notice that the number of parking spaces is limited (300 places)!