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Working Equitation is a young equestrian discipline in Poland. Since 1996, it has become a competitive sport. It combines the horse and rider in a unique way and their ability to manoeuvre between obstacles.
To promote and develop this extremely interesting discipline, we have created recreational activities with elements of working equitation.

Requirements for participation in working equitation activities: rider must move and steer the horse independently in three paces: walk, trot and canter. During the classes, we focus on dressage elements and correct overcoming obstacles in working equitation.

Come and experience this amazing discipline!


Duration of classes: 90 minutes

Cost of a single lesson: 95 PLN

WORKING EQUITATION classes for children are held on ponies. Buy a ticket!

WORKING EQUITATION classes for adults are held on horses. Buy a ticket!

More information:

Both during the winter holidays and during the summer holidays, there are horse riding courses for children in the complex. Children spend a lot of time with animals learning to ride on them, but also to take care of them, feed them and look after them.

Additional attractions include equestrian vaulting  classes (acrobatics on a moving horse), contests, art classes, sports games, meetings with guests: animal psychologist, representatives of the horse guards department and many other attractions. We are constantly modifying the semi-circle program, so as to adapt it to the needs and interests of the youngest.

We invite children aged 7-12 on a half-day camp. Classes are conducted by experienced instructors and qualified educational staff.