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Equestrian vaulting - acrobatic training on a walking or galloping horse, shaping strength, flexibility and balance.
No other equestrian sport involves so many muscle groups in our body.

We educate both beginners and international players that we have in our team. In 2021, three of our Juniors qualified for the National Team of the Polish Football Association.

Our team of trainers: Tomasz Ogonowski, Eryk Złoty and Karolina Śniegucka. Each of them has a history of many starts in national and international competitions.

The initiator of our equestrian vaulting is Tomasz Ogonowski. A representative of Poland, participant of the World and European Championships, five-time Polish Champion.

Regular training is conducted in permanent, closed groups. They last from 1.5 to 2 hours.


50 PLN for training. Monthly, one-time fee.


Purchase of passes and online registration more

Do you have any questions? Please call.

📞 71 333 45 17 / 691 495 923  mon-fri: od 11:00 do 14:00