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We invite you to the equestrian vaulting with Tomasz Ogonowski!
Tomasz Ogonowski is a representative of Poland, participant of the World and European Championships, five-time Polish Champion in sports equestrian vaulting.
The equestrian vaulting is an aerobatic and acrobatic exercise on a moving horse. A perfect form of spending free time, great fun, unforgettable adventure for both children and adults.

The equestrian vaulting is an ideal and even necessary complementary training for anyone who starts horse riding lessons and for advanced riders of all disciplines. These are exercises designed to loosen, improve balance and feel the rhythm in walk, trot, gallop. In Western countries, the equestrian vaulting is considered an indispensable supporting element on the way to riding success. Even the great champions of jumping, dressage and eventing often practice the equestrian vaulting, thus improving their seat and balance on the horse.

The equestrian vaulting on WTWK Partynice is run using professional riding equipment on the ground, instruments and of course a horse. We have well-trained horses for small and large ones. We invite adults and children from 7 years of age.


90-minute equestrian vaultingclasses in several groups of advancement.
Season ticket for four classes of an equestrian vaulting: PLN 200


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