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The Wrocław Horse Racecourse has 3 indoor horse riding halls with an area of ​​2500m², 1600m² and 1200m², on which many indoor horse competitions take place during the year. The largest of them are: All-Poland Competition in Jumping, Championship in Riding without a Header, Polish League Championship Western and Rodeo. The large hall has stands for 420 seats, admission to the competition is free.



Sport Equestrian sport in Partynice has found very good conditions for development. It is visible, especially in classic events. Particularly popular among children and teenagers are activities in pony sports groups. The competitors representing Wrocławski Klub Jeździecki operating in Partynice are among the top athletes in Lower Silesia. In all our sports activities, we are in constant cooperation with the Lower Silesian Equestrian Federation and the Polish Equestrian Federation. We have the highest PEF certificate, which clearly proves both the high standard of the facility and the equestrian services we provide.




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