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The viewer, who places bets on the horse of his choice, becomes the owner for the time of the race. It is for him that this horse wins. The season has so many races that everyone has a chance for success. That is why we recommend playing at races, the more that the cheapest bet costs only 3 zlotys. Where to start?

At the beginning, we recommend that you read the racing program in paper form for purchase during race days or download it in pdf format from our website. The competition program is a compendium of knowledge about a given race day. We find in it the characteristics of horses entered for races and the history of their previous starts. Then we go to the paddock, where for about 15 minutes before the race, the horses that start in it are presented. After analyzing the data from the program and assessing the appearance and behavior of the horse on the paddock, we are ready to bet on the result of the race.

There are several ways to place a bet: