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Entrance to Wrocław Racetrack is free, also during racing days.

If you are going to the races, however, it will be good to take your wallet with you, because there is a catering zone on site, where you can enjoy hot dishes, sweet dishes (waffles, cotton wool, cream tubes), ice cream, hot drinks: coffee, tea, drinks cold and beer. The seats in the stands are unnumbered and generally accessible.

The competition program, which is a compendium of knowledge about a given race day, with the characteristics of horses entered for races, costs 5 zlotys. It is also worth posting some cash for the game, the cheapest bet is 3 PLN. If we come with children, let’s be prepared for expenses related to pony rides (5 zlotys – 1 ride) and attractions of the “dmuchańców” zone.

Toilets are public and free. There are two changing tables in the hall under the main stand. Next to the main grandstand you will find bike racks. Seating is on the stands – a total of 1,400 seats. In the area in front of the grandstands, each time we put out several dozen sun loungers. There are no contraindications for you to come with your own sun loungers or blankets on warm days.

Elegant clothing is welcome in accordance with dress code rules, although it is not a prerequisite to sit on the main bleacher. The dress code is only mandatory during the so-called “Big Racing Days” Season Opening (April / May), Crystal Cup & Ladies Day (June) and Wielka Wrocławska & Gentlemans Day to enter the VIP area (applies to the race day, entry to the VIP lunch before the official start of the day is only possible names invitations).