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The Wroclaw Horse Racing Track is a place very liked by the youngest. It's no wonder that the 73 hectares of the complex are mostly made up of green areas ideal for outdoor activities. An additional advantage is the presence of animals, both large horses and loved by the youngest - ponies.


The facility is open 7 days a week between 7:00 am - 9:00 pm Every day, you can take a closer look at horses that rest, relax and play with each other on public paddocks. A visit to Partynice can be a great opportunity to start your adventure with horse riding, because you can start learning from the age of 3.

In the recreational part of the complex there is a bistro bar where you can enjoy a tasty dinner. In all facilities of the complex (recreation and racing section) there are public toilets.

At races

The racing day is governed by slightly different laws. The facility is also available at no charge, but some zones are excluded from use. Children can then count on specially prepared attractions for them.


During each race day, next to the paddock (the place where horses are presented before the race) there is a pony ride position. Here, under the supervision of instructors, every child can try riding on small horses.

In addition, a town of attractions for children is set up in the grounds behind the side stand. It is there where the youngest can find an outlet for their energy by climbing, jumping, sliding down and running in the so-called zone. "Balloons."

Riding holidays

Both during the break for winter holidays and during the summer holidays, there are horse-riding semicycles for the youngest in the complex. Children spend a lot of time with animals learning to ride on them, but also to take care of them, feed them and look after them.